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    Introducing the Health eBiography®  by Agrin Health

    Simply. Get. Better.

    Performance and Wellness

    Imagine syncing all of your health/ wellness data to a single place where you can get crucial insights into interactions between nutrition, sleep, medications/supplements, exercise and environment that could keep you from living your best. Imagine a solution that works no matter what tech you have (watches, apps, devices, etc) and even if you have no tech at all.  Now imagine that solution was designed exclusively to serve you (not your doctors, your insurance plan or some massive data company)...

    A solution created just for you and your family for life.

    Care Coordination

    Imagine being able to keep all of your family's healthcare information in a single, ultra-secure solution for life.  A solution that allows you to share information while controlling who gets access.  Imagine this solution fills out all those doctors office forms, shares information between your doctors so you don't get conflicting care instructions or medicines, and allows you to remotely monitor loved ones living apart from you...

    A solution created to coordinate healthcare around your life.

    Can't wait to get started?

     The Health eBiography® is currently in closed Beta.  However, you can apply to participate to see if you qualify for early access.


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