the Health eBiography®

Take Control of Your Family's Healthcare Data

Finally, there's a technology designed specifically to help make Healthcare simple for you!  An ultra-secure, web-based application you can access from any device, 

the Health eBiography® allows you to store, track and control 

your family's health+wellness information.

What We Do

the Health eBiography®

We offer technology services that are specifically designed to make it simple to manage all of your family's health relationships. 

Available today, the Basic version of the Health eBiography® allows you to capture and control your family's health+wellness information.  This includes:

  • A single secure, repository for life
  • Dependent accounts
  • Track any data
  • Access from any internet-connected device

The free forever Basic subscription allows you to build and maintain your family's data record... keep your family's medical history in one place for good, store insurance and emergency information (just in case), list your Care Team members, capture that weird bug bite or illness that wasn't bad enough to see a doctor, track your metrics like weight or blood pressure, keep a food diary, and so much more!

Soon an Advanced version will be made available to the public which will offer you the ability to take your information with you anywhere and securely share it with whomever needs it... send your blood pressure log to you doctor, coordinate your parent's transportation for dialysis, or even hold a friendly weightloss competition with your friend.

Introductory Offer

For a limited time anyone who registers for a Health eBiography Basic subscription will automatically be eligible to receive an Advanced* subscription free for 3 months.

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