Simplify Your Life

Finally, there's a technology designed specifically to help make

Health+Wellness data management simple for you!  

An ultra-secure, web-based application you can access from any device, 

the Health eBiography® allows you to store, track and control 

your family's health+wellness information.

What We Do

the Health eBiography®

Built for our family and yours... the Health eBiography® is a 

Health+Wellness Consumer platform designed to help you 

effectively manage your comprehensive Health+Wellness 

data collection & exchange. 

  • Collect
  • Review
  • Share

Introductory Offer

For a limited time new Shareable Health eBiography® subscriptions are only $2.99 per month! 

Choose Your Level of Service


The Basic subscription allows you to build and maintain your family's data record for free... 

  • your family's medical history in 1 place for life
  • 1 simple list of medications, vitamins and supplements
  • store insurance and emergency information (just in case)
  • keep track of vaccination records
  • list your Care Team members
  • privately track any concern you have (mood swings, headaches, that weird bug bite, or an illness that wasn't bad enough to see a doctor)
  • track your metrics like weight or blood pressure, keep a food diary, and so much more! 

Works with any device you use. 

No matter which doctor or insurance you have.


Want to securely share Health+Wellness information?

Then the Shareable subscription is for you!

In addition to all of the Basic functions, you can choose what information you want to share and download it or create a temporary, shareable link.

  The ability to take your information with you anywhere and securely share it with whomever needs it is yours!

  • stop answering the same medical history questions 
  • quickly send your blood pressure or medicine log to you doctor
  • share your child's vaccinations records with the school

You own your data.  You control the access.

*We take security seriously.  Unlike open platforms that allow anyone to create fake accounts, 

a one-time $1 security fee allows us to insure only real customers gain access to our platform. 

After all, we're not just a technology company; we're customers, too.

This fee is required to create a Basic account, and is included with purchase of a Shareable subscription.